• Project Cards! Are displayed in "Portrait" view
  • Priority Projects and Tasks are colored so their importance is easily identifiable
  • Teams Work on projects individually or tackle them together as a group
  • Task CardsSupport a project and are displayed in "Landscape" view
  • Stop LightsAre displayed on Task Cards. Your team stops at red lights and tries to turn all tasks green in order to complete the project
  • CommunicationTeams can communicate and collaborate on projects
  • Transparency See who is working on which task with 100% accountability

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See how you can deal your team a winning hand


Personalized Users for your Personalized Business



Are outlined with deadlines and everyone understands the goal.



Teams understand their role and importance in the overall project and can be held accountable for their part



Communicate within each project, share ideas, drawings, upload & mark up files, add sticky notes, get work done



See how quickly everyone can get their job done when there is a clear plan and expectation

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